Cold Room Food Distribution

Chilled Direct Distribution

An Aylesbury-based company specialising in storing & distributing chilled goods safely around the UK.

Customer Brief

The client won a contract for distribution of fresh chilled pies, which added to their current volume of stock to hold at chilled temperatures, so MGI were asked to provide a cost-effective solution to aid palletised movement and storage of pre-chilled product, for onward distribution by chilled transport.

Moving to new premises as part of the expansion of business meant that the cold room was to be fitted to an empty building, prior to the remainder of the business moving in.

MGI Solution

Working closely with the owner of the business, MGI Sales Engineers produced a design specification based on Kingspan cold room panels, which are a camless design, so simplifying the installation.

The refrigeration equipment was chosen to provide sufficient cooling capacity to cope with the projected numbers of door openings, personnel and product movement, using the information provided by the client.

The cold room is monitored using a Thermomax data logger & controller, which provides a full graphical overview of the cold room operations – with USB port and connection to PC. This monitors three temperatures – evaporator temperature, room air temperature and product temperature – the controller’s product sensor is immersed in fluid, to mimic the product core temperature, and this is used as the best overall monitor of product stored temperature, rather than monitoring the air temperature, which naturally fluctuates.


A happy client, with a brand new cold room, sufficiently sized to cope with future expansion of business, and all temperatures monitored constantly, with the ability to produce a graphical record of all temperatures for management purposes.

Property type

The company had won a contract for the distribution of chilled pies and needed additional cold storage, as part of a business move to new premises.


The client used MGi Sales Engineers to provide technical advice on the choice of a new purpose built cold-room, along with a full monitoring system to ensure high service levels for their clients.

Installed Equipment

  • THERMOMAX Data Logger & Controller
  • Graphical interface
  • USB port
  • PC connection for remote access and alerts
  • Cold room interior
  • SEARLE evaporator
  • Sealed joints
  • Product temperature sensor on wall
  • LED lighting
  • Cold room door, sized for comfortable movement of product using hand pallet trucks
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