Air Conditioning & Heating Price Calculator

Please try out our price calculator to give you a simple price indication of your possible requirements. We hope you find this a useful resource.

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Start taking back control

The first step towards installation is your free site visit. If you are feeling the heat, click the button to book your survey and one of our sales team will get back in touch to discuss your requirements.

Simple 3 step installation process

Survey and provide quote

Once we have received your enquiry we will get in contact to organise your free survey. At this meeting we will discuss what you are trying to achieve and the types of solutions available. A full survey is completed to allow us to correctly size the system. All data is returned back to the office and entered into our heat calculation software to enable us to size the correct unit(s) for the application. Taking into account our expertise and your requirements, a detailed quotation is produced, along with a simplified drawing to allow you to visualise how the system will be installed.

Install temperature control system

Once we have an agreement to our proposal the job is entered into our system where all items of the work will then be managed. On the agreed date, our team will visit your site to install your new unit(s).

Take control of your system

Our project manager will return to site to make sure the installation is complete and give final instructions of how the system works. Our aftercare service team will take over from this point and offer a full service and maintenance package to look after the warranty of the system and the client's asset(s).