F-Gas Regulations

New F Gas Regulations – Guidance on the future use of R404A and the new F Gas Regulations

The F-Gas Regulations have been put in place to reduce F-Gas and prevent harmful leakage into the atmosphere. This leakage from F-Gas often occurs during the manufacturing, operation, and disposal of products.

From 2018 there will be a significant phase down in the number of HFCs placed on the market as an objective to cut down on the number of HFC placed on the market.  The aim is to reduce the supply of HFCs from the 100% level of 2015 to just 21% of that total in 2030, with a major cut of 37% in 2018.

From January 1st 2020, a new ban in the UK came into force on Under UK and EU legislation that prevents refrigerants with a global warming potential greater than 2500 being used to service or refill refrigeration or freezer systems, with a refrigerant charge size of 40 tonnes of CO2 equivalent or more.

If you have any questions at all about the new F-Gas Regulations and how it might affect your business or property, then please feel free to call or email MGi Oxford Ltd today. Our team will be happy to advise your business on the next steps to take to protect your business and ensure you are complying with the new F-Gas restrictions.

For further information about the new F-Gas Regulations please see the PDF below.