Air Conditioning Energy Assessment

Under the European Performance of Building Directive, owners/operators of refrigeration-based air conditioning systems have a legal requirement for such systems to be assessed for energy efficiency. Not having the assessment report carried out could result in a fine.

The regulations require the first inspection of the affected air conditioning systems to be
carried out as follows:

For air conditioning systems that were first put into service on or after 1 January 2008, the first inspection
must have taken place within five years of the date when the system was first put
into service.

For systems exceeding 250Kw total cooling capacity, the deadline for assessment is 1/1/2009.

For systems exceeding 12Kw total cooling capacity, the deadline for assessment is 1/1/2011.

All air conditioning systems with an effective rated output of more than
12kw must be regularly inspected by an energy assessor. The inspections must be no
more than five years apart. Inspection reports are required to be updated every 5 years.

MGI Ltd is accredited by BESCA (Building Engineering Services Competence Accreditation) to carry out these statutory assessments on all sizes and types of equipment.
Accreditation No.EA/AC000030

If you would like more information on the UK government regulations for air conditioning inspections in buildings, Department for local communities and government – Guide to air conditioning inspections for buildings